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Coneman is a simple, fun and casual classic platform game. Jump, shoot and collect bonus objects on your way through the 48 levels, 4 boss fights and an EPIC final fight.

Inspired by the classic arcade games from the 80's; Coneman uses familiar 2D style gameplay extended with realtime 3D graphics and camera angles.


Available on the App Store. Download

The Weapons

  • Shuriken

    Long distance throwing stars. Flies straight through the air.
    Hit power: 1

  • Boomerang

    Medium attack range. Flies through blocks. Returns back to Coneman.
    Hit power: 1

  • Bomb

    Place it, wait: BOOOM!!! Can break rocks.
    Hit power: 5

  • Grenades

    Throwing grenades. Explodes on impact. Can break rocks.
    Hit power: 2

  • Wooden Hammer

    Short range but powerful. Can break rocks.
    Hit power: 2

  • Chainsaw

    Grooovy! Spread the word of Coneman to unlock this powerful weapon. Can break rocks.
    Hit power: 4

The Items

For every 500 points Coneman gets rewarded with an extra life.

  • Blue Key

    Unlocks blue key blocks.

  • Green Key

    Unlocks green key blocks.

  • Red Key

    Unlocks red key blocks.

  • Bon Bon

    Conemans favorite candy!
    Score: 1

  • Cherry

    Fruit is good for you!
    Score: 2

  • Diamond

    Classic collectible!
    Score: 3

  • Extra Heart

    Adds a heart to Conemans energy.
    Energy: 1, Score: 1

  • Extra Life

    Adds a life to Conemans lives.
    Lives: 1

Available on the App Store. Download

The Enemies

  • Pear Monster

    Simple monster, walking slowly from side to side.
    Energy: 1, Score: 1

  • Balloon Monster

    Simple monster, flying slowly up and down.
    Energy: 1, Score: 1

  • Beetle

    Climbing along the edges of the level.
    Energy: 2, Score: 3

  • Blob

    Splits into smaller entities when hit.
    Energy: 1, Score: 1

  • Spider

    Climbs it's thread up and down and attacks if startled.
    Energy: 1, Score: 2

  • Cannon

    Continuously shoot cannonballs at Coneman.
    Energy: 2, Score: 4

  • Spring Frog

    Loves bouncing and wants to make it the national sport.
    Energy: 2, Score: 1

  • Green Monster

    Aimlessly runs around on the levels, motivated by a fear of "missing out".
    Energy: 1, Score: 2

  • Bat

    Randomly flies around on the levels.
    Energy: 1, Score: 3

  • Barrel Factory

    Continuous manufacturing barrels until destroyed.
    Energy: 1, Score: 2

  • Barrel

    Bouncing around until it strangely vanishes.
    Energy: 1, Score: 1

  • Volcano

    An active volcano disrupting lava-rocks at Coneman.
    Energy: 4, Score: 5

  • Eyeball Monster

    Freely roaming the levels and shoots red balls.
    Energy: 2, Score: 5

  • Tank

    Moves from side to side and shoots red balls.
    Energy: 4, Score: 5

  • Red Cannon

    Shoots cannon balls and changes orientation when Coneman passes by.
    Energy: 2, Score: 4

  • Robot

    A robot from the future, sent to "Exterminate".
    Energy: 4, Score: 5

  • Spikey

    Immortal solid metal enemy moving in several patterns.

  • Weight

    Heavyweight champion trying to crush Coneman flat.
    Energy: 5, Score: 5

The Bosses

  • Horrible Beast Mark

    Generic boss without any special abilities.
    Energy: 15, Score: 20

  • Terrible Hipster Eric

    Too cool for school. Throws oversized barrels at Coneman.
    Energy: 20, Score: 20

  • Sweetie Pop Honey

    Don't let her sweetness fool you. Shoots pink missiles at Coneman.
    Energy: 25, Score: 30

  • Final Boss Spike

    A real military tough guy. Shoots speed-missiles at Coneman.
    Energy: 30, Score: 30